About CBDShop.mt

CBDShop.mt was founded on the foundation of our unwavering faith in the transformative potential of goods derived from CBD.

Through the years, we have put a number of different CBD products through their paces in an effort to find a solution to a wide range of issues that are experienced by all people, ranging from mental diseases to neurological ailments.

We have personal experience with how much they may boost an individual’s overall quality of life..


Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to educate people about the many benefits of trustworthy cannabidiol products and to ensure that they can be purchased at the best prices at CBDShop.mt, which establishes itself as the most trustworthy CBD product provider in Malta. We plan to do this by leveraging the power of industry development, offering a wide range of high-quality goods, and providing customer care that is driven by a passion for the satisfaction of our clients.

We have a genuine concern for our clients and place an enormous importance on the faith they place in us. Every company that we carry maintains an open and honest policy on the testing and outcomes of their products. The websites of these businesses often have up-to-date information on the product batches that are available for everyone to view. Customers have a better opportunity to broaden their knowledge about the products they purchase and consume now that this information is easily accessible. In addition, several brands make the results of their testing for pesticides, chemicals, and metals publicly accessible.

CBDShop is pleased to work with such open and honest firms, since this is one of the criteria we consider most important when choosing products for distribution. Because of this, we feel that CBDShop is the most successful participant in the CBD oil industry in Malta and Europe as a whole.

As a client of CBDShop.mt, you are assured of the following three things:

Super-fast delivery:

Delivery of the CBD product to your home or place of business is prioritized, and we do all in our power to make that happen in a timely manner (often between one and three business days). However, if the item is made by noon on a weekday, it will often be delivered the next business day.

Product of the highest possible quality:

We sell and supply only the highest quality CBD products on the market.

A+ service to the customer:

In addition, you can count on stellar pre- and post-sale support. When a consumer has a query or a problem, they want to be able to ask inquiries, voice their concerns, and get a real answer from a real person. You may contact us instantly and conveniently using our chat feature.

Our Goal

Our mission is to establish uniform rules for the CBD industry on a global scale. We think that change starts at the grassroots level, which is why we’re working to establish a new standard of transparency in the production and sale of cannabidiol products.

The above suggests that all CBD brands and enterprises will be subject to mandatory product testing in their entirety, not only for hemp content.

Toxins, metals, and pesticides should be detected in each batch of CBD produced by these companies, just as they are in ours. Every alternative product is the same in this regard.

We are making clean, public, and safe downtown the standard in Malta. By doing what is right, we might perhaps inspire others to follow suit.

email: info@cbdshop.mt

If you have more questions please contact us:

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