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topical CBD cream is available. Including additional organic components and up to 250mg of the finest grade CBD!

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Product NameCBD cream
Allergen information
IngredientsCannabidiol (CBD 250 mg), arnica, hackberry, L-glutamine, golteria oil, camphor, menthol.
Strength250mg CBD

Do you need to take care of your muscles and joints? If that’s the case, we have an answer for you. Get to know the CBD cream from Dr. Hemp Me, which can quickly alleviate your pain and anxiety.

What effects does the cream’s CBD content have?

Cannabinoids are the compounds that are derived from hemp, and CBD is a member of the cannabinoid family. It has a stimulating impact on the human endocannabinoid system, which is responsible, among other things, for the balance of hormones and energy as well as how one feels emotionally.

CBD cream, when combined with other completely natural components, has the added benefit of reducing pain in the muscles and joints. This is as a result of the usage of natural substances, which have been shown to have a beneficial influence on the workings of the human body by scientific studies.

How much CBD does the Cream contain?

The CBD cream sold by Dr. Hemp Me has a total of 250 milligrams of the purest form of the cannabinoid. Because cannabidiol is able to pass through the skin and into the circulation, it is able to provide a palpable sense of relief in the immediate area. The therapy may be sped up by applying it to muscles and joints, which also makes the process of getting back to full vigor more pleasurable.

What components make up Dr. Hemp Me CBD cream?

Only natural components from trusted and reputable sources are used in our new topical cream. Our formulations are made from the purest, most high-quality hemp extracts possible and are devoid of any unwanted ingredients.

The cream for joints and muscles has a special blend of special components that benefit the locomotor system. Natural cannabidiol, or CBD, is the principal ingredient and has a 250 mg concentration. We have also included additional substances that are analgesic and anti-inflammatory in the formulation. Which are:

  • arnica,
  • “devil’s claw”
  • glutamine
  • goltery oil
  • camphor
  • bulb

How should Dr. Hemp Me CBD lotion be applied?

Topical use of CBD cream is acceptable. The components it contains improve how well muscles and joints function. Anytime of day is OK for using the product.

To get relief right away, all you have to do is apply ointment to the hurting area. The cooling and numbing effects of menthol make it possible to forget unpleasant emotions in a pleasant manner.

The use of CBD cream in conjunction with other products containing hemp extracts is permitted. Therefore, there is no chance that utilizing both preparations at once would cause your body to get an excessive amount of CBD. Additionally, using many medications simultaneously may enhance their benefits and give you a long-lasting feeling of ease and relaxation.

Order your new CBD cream right now to benefit from the comfort and beneficial effects of the best natural components! Use Dr. Hemp Me products to look after your muscles, joints, and overall health!


Since all of Dr. Hemp Me’s products are categorized as dietary supplements, we cannot promise that they will function similarly to pharmaceuticals. We advise speaking with an expert about chronic conditions.


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Describe the CBD cream

CBD cream from Dr. Hemp Me for ointment, designed for topical application. It contains only natural ingredients, such as 250mg of CBD, menthol, golteria oil and extract from the "black claw" plant.

What is CBD cream used for?

The muscle and joint cream helps cure painful regions and alleviate discomfort. At the application location, the hemp extracts in the lotion are absorbed through the skin and provide comfort.

How frequently should CBD cream for joints and muscles be applied?

if you require it often. You may use CBD cream at any time of the day since it poses no health risks to you.

Can I use CBD oil and cream simultaneously?

whenever possible. While CBD cream is intended to be applied to the skin's surface, CBD oil is meant to be taken orally on a regular basis. Even better outcomes may be supported by the concurrent use of both preparations.

When will my order arrive?

Depending on where the recipient is, delivery will happen in 1 to 3 business days.


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