CBD Oil for Pets 10% – 1000mg

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CBD oil for animals 10%!

  • Excellent standard.
  • Contains salmon oil, which provides a more pleasant flavor in addition to Omega-3 acids.
  • Only One dosage per day is adequate.

Take care of your pet with CBD oil for pets from Dr. Hemp Me!

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Product NameCBD Oil for Pets - 10%.
Allergen informationGluten-free
IngredientsHemp extract, salmon oil.
Strength1000mg CBD

In many respects, animals and people are remarkably similar to one another.

They, too, have an endocannaboid system, which is similar to ours in that it sometimes requires additional stimulation. This is the very reason why CBD oil formulated for animals was developed!

The cannabidiol (CBD) and salmon oil that went into the making of Dr. Hemp Me oil. When combined in this way, the components will have a beneficial effect on the mental state of your beloved pet. While fish oil will, among other things, take care of the supply of Omega-3 acids, CBD will work to do the following:

  • analgesic,
  • calming, and sustaining effects (for the digestive and circulatory systems, among others).

What is the best way to provide CBD oil to animals?

CBD oil for pets from Dr. Hemp Me may contain up to one thousand milligrams of cannabidiol. This is an effective dosage for animals that weigh more over 50 kilos and will work well for them. It will therefore be ideal for large dogs such as St. Bernards, mastiffs, dogs and some terriers.

The oil that is sold by Dr. Hemp Me is effective for bigger animals as well, including horses. If you ride horses often but your horse isn’t accustomed to the noise and bustle of the city (vehicle traffic, loud people, or dogs), one way to show that you care about him and want the best for him is to offer him an extract like this one.

To achieve the best effect, you only need to add 3 drops of the oil to your pet’s food. We suggest that you work up to this amount gradually; for example, you should begin by taking one drop at a time, and you should only raise the dosage after some time has passed. Because CBD has a variety of effects on the human body, it is important to avoid giving your pet an excessive amount of it.

What are the benefits of giving CBD oil to your pets?

The use of CBD oil for animals has several beneficial effects on the animal. In addition to alleviating pain and producing a soothing effect, it has a favorable impact on a number of different systems in his body. Cannabidiol is a drug that is completely safe to use and does not in any way have a negative impact on the mental state of the pet.

When combined with salmon oil, CBD oil for animals weighing more over 50 kg offers two additional advantages, which are as follows:

  • Fish oil makes the food that your cat consumes taste better
  • Salmon oil includes several chemicals that are helpful to their health, such as omega-3 fatty acids.

Because of this, it would be beneficial to put this oil in the food that you provide to your pet so that it might boost both its general health and the amount of physical activity that it gets.


Why Dr. Hemp Me?

CBD oil from Dr. Hemp Me has passed rigorous quality assurance testing and is sold by an Irish firm. You may be certain that the thing you buy will be:

  • Completely safe;
  • Highest quality;
  • Lives. up to the claims of the manufacturer

The fact that CBD is still in its infancy means that counterfeit versions, which might include harmful substances, could pass for the real thing. Dr. Hemp Me is the answer to all of your troubles.

Doctor Hemp My items may help both large and little animals.



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What kind of CBD oil is best for my pet?

It is recommended that you use CBD oil for dogs containing 10% CBD and 1000 mg of CBD if you have a big pet (one that weighs more than 50 kg). Consider utilizing a more potent form of the hemp product if your pet is unable to stand the flavor of hemp. In this manner, you will be able to less often take CBD while still attaining the desired impact.

Is there any difference between cannabidiol (CBD) for animals and for humans?

CBD oil for people and animals is, in all practical respects, the same thing. The only thing that sets these two products apart is the oil that is used to transport the CBD. When CBD is administered to animals, it is often combined with a flavor masking agent, such as fish oil, to disguise the distinctive flavour of hemp. Oil extracted from hemp is consumed by humans.

May I give my pet CBD oil on a daily basis?

Yes, administering CBD oil to your pet on a regular basis will almost always provide the greatest possible outcomes. You have the opportunity to enhance the benefits of the supplement by consuming it on a consistent basis.

Will CBD for humans be harmful to my dog?

CBD oil derived from humans should not be harmful to your pet. The percentage of CBD found in our products ranges from 2.5% to 10%. If your pet has an adverse reaction to CBD, you could choose to give them a product that also contains salmon oil as an alternative.

CBD oil: Is it suggested by veterinarians?

No, veterinarians do not advocate CBD due to the presence of potential medical issues that call for additional investigation. So far, it is a preparation, designated as a dietary supplement. Make sure you don't require a prescription/permit before buying.

When will my order be delivered?

In most cases, the product is delivered within one to three business days.


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