CBD Oil for Pets 2.5%

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  • Extraction of natural hemp
  • Plant-based item
  • Deficiency in gluten content

The essence of cannabinoids, combined with natural salmon oil. Take care of your pet today!

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Product NameCBD Oil for Pets - 2.5%
Allergen informationGluten-free
IngredientsHemp extract, salmon oil.
Strength250mg CBD

The endocannabinoid system responds well to CBD. Did you know, however, that animals share this system with humans, meaning they may experience the positive effects of this hemp-derived drug as well? Now is the time to show your pet some love and care by administering Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD oil for dogs, 2.5% concentration.

What are the physiological effects of a 2.5% CBD oil dose for animals?

The body’s cannabinoid system controls several physiological functions. It’s a big deal for stuff like:

  • metabolism
  • hormones that regulate metabolism and energy expenditure

In addition to affecting our mental state, this system may alter our physical appetite, fullness, and drive.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound that operates on the body’s endogenous cannabinoid system. As a result, it aids in the regulation of bodily functions and the enhancement of mental and physical health generally. To no one’s surprise, CBD is being given to animals as well as people.

Can you tell me what exactly is in the 2.5% CBD oil that is sold for pets?

Animal CBD oil Dr. Hemp Me’s 2.5% is made from all-natural components. Essential to the oil is premium CBD that has been extracted in a completely natural way. A 250-mg dose of pure hemp extract is included in one bottle of 2.5% oil.

To be effectively absorbed by the body, CBD has to be combined with a carrier. Hemp oil is utilized for people, whereas fish oil is provided to animals. Dr. Hemp Me makes use of expensive salmon oil, which has additional ingredients with beneficial effects on your pet. Most of them are fatty acids, such

  • Omega-3
  • Omega-6
  • Omega-9

Salmon oil not only supplies the necessary ingredients, but also enhances the flavor and makes the dish more approachable.

What are the best uses for 2.5% CBD oil for pets?

The CBD oil with 2.5% concentration is among the poorest on the market. As a result, it’s perfect for a wide variety of uses where more potent treatments might be counterproductive.

To prevent adverse effects, give your pet no more than 2.5% CBD oil if it weighs less than 20 kilos. To obtain the intended effects in such a little animal, a much higher dosage would be necessary.

Larger animals experiencing CBD for the first time should also start with an oil concentration of 2.5%. There is a significant impact on the body, thus starting off slowly is recommended.

For the benefit of animals, how do you provide CBD?

Using 3–4 drops of CBD oil once day is recommended for optimal benefits. You should work up to this dosage gradually by monitoring your pet’s reaction to the last adjustment and considering another increase a week or two later.

We advise including the formula with morning meals. By doing so, CBD will be able to stay in your pet’s system and do its job all day long.



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Can I give CBD to my dog or cat, and if so, how much?

Why, yes! CBD's promising effects are safe for dogs and cats to enjoy. Taking this has a beneficial effect on their bodies. All-natural components are used in Dr. Hemp Me's products.

Can I use CBD oil every day?

Optimal outcomes can only be achieved by consistent usage of any dietary supplement. In the same way, giving your pet CBD on a consistent schedule will have a beneficial effect on its endocannabinoid system.

When should you introduce CBD oil to your pet?

If your pet is under 20 pounds or has never been exposed to CBD, the 2.5% oil is the safest option. Two hundred and fifty mg of premium CBD isolate are included in the box.

How should CBD oil be given to animals?

You just need to take one dose every day. Include CBD oil in your pet's regular diet. The mixture includes salmon oil to mask the cannabis's disagreeable flavor for your pet.

If I place an order now, when can I expect to get it?

Depending on your location, shipping might take anywhere from one business day to three.

In what ways may I make a payment?

Popular credit and debit cards are accepted here. If you like, you may also make a direct transfer to our bank account; however, your purchase will not be dispatched until the funds have cleared the account.


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