CBD Oil for Pets: 5% – 500mg

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Full range of CBD combined with salmon oil – the best properties of hemp and great taste!

  • The essence of hemp
  • Vegan and gluten-free product

Receive CBD oil for pets in as little as 1-3 business days!

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Product NameCBD Oil for Pets - 2.5%
Allergen informationBezglutenowy
IngredientsHemp extract, salmon oil.
Strength500mg CBD

It may come as a surprise to learn that your pet may enjoy the benefits of CBD as much as you can. To take advantage of this, try giving your dog some of Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD oil, which contains 5% CBD and is specially formulated for canines.

Why do we offer CBD to animals?

Cannabinoid systems exist in animals and humans alike. Among the many things it’s responsible for are:

  • regulation of energy and hormones to keep the organism in balance

The operation of this system is stimulated by cannabinoids, such as CBD, which have a good impact on the condition and mood. By giving them in dietary supplements, you raise the likelihood of it performing well, which elevates your dog’s mood in general.

Canine CBD oil: what’s the best dose?

Proper dosing of CBD, a nutritional supplement, is essential for the health of your pet. The quadruped’s mass is the primary factor here. More of the drug is required for the same effect in larger animals.

Most dogs perform well with Dr. Hemp Me’s 5% CBD oil. It’s ideal for animals between 20 and 50 pounds in weight. Consider a greater dosage of Dr. Hemp Me’s 5% premium CBD solution, or try a stronger CBD oil, if your pet is larger than average.

Can you tell me what exactly is in canine cannabidiol oil?

If you buy CBD from Dr. Hemp Me, you know you’re getting pure, high-quality oil without any fillers or other additives. With this brand, you can be certain that your pet will have access to tried-and-true formulae tailored to their specific requirements.

Five percent pure CBD, or 500 milligrams, are included in the formulation.

Natural salmon oil is used in CBD oil for dogs as a means of improving the formula’s flavor and supplying essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, in addition to the CBD that is suggested.

How should CBD be given to dogs?

Because hemp has such a unique flavor, Dr. Hemp Me has taken extra precautions to ensure that your dog will only experience the positive effects of utilizing CBD oil specifically formulated for dogs. You may get the desired outcomes by simply adding a few of drops of the formulation in each of your regular meals.

The product’s flavor is significantly enhanced by the addition of salmon oil, and as a result, even the dogs that are most sensitive to the aftertaste of cannabis do not experience any of the pain that is often associated with using CBD.

We suggest that you begin the treatment with a dose of four drops once day, taken in the morning. These have 20 milligrams of CBD per serving. If you haven’t seen the results yet, you may try adding another drop once per week and see if that helps.

It is essential to make consistent usage of CBD oil in order to get the best results. Take an additional dosage if you wish to ensure the greatest possible outcomes from this treatment. That will be very much appreciated by your canine companion!

Place your order for CBD oil with Dr. Hemp Me right now! You should expect to get the goods anywhere from one to three business days after placing your order.


CBD is only a dietary supplement. We make no promises or guarantees that using our product will help your pet get well.

In the event that your pet is unwell, we suggest getting in touch with a veterinarian.


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Can I give CBD to my pet?

Yes. Dogs also have an endocannabinoid system, so they too can feel the positive effects of CBD.

Is CBD oil suitable for my pet?

As much as possible. CBD and other cannabinoids will positively affect your pet. In addition, salmon oil will bring further benefits, in the form of fatty acid supplementation.

Is there any difference between CBD for humans and for animals?

The only difference between CBD for humans and animals is a different oil, which is the carrier for CBD. Fish oil, usually salmon oil, is added to animals. It improves the taste and provides desirable omega-3 fatty acids. Products for humans contain hemp oil.

How to dose CBD for animals?

The right dose of CBD for pets depends on the weight of your pet. CBD oil for dogs 5% will work perfectly for dogs weighing 20-50 kilograms.

How long does it take to deliver an order with CBD oil?

Delivery usually takes 1 to 3 business days, depending on your home address.

How can I pay?

Payment on our site is possible using popular debit and credit cards, such as Visa or Mastercard. You can also make a direct transfer to our bank account.


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