CBD Oil 10% – Full Spectrum 1000mg

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  • Full-Blooming Hemp Extracts’ Essential Oils
  • Vegan and devoid of gluten
  • Effectiveness shown in the lab

Try the latest CBD essence. Cannabinoids and natural hemp oil of the best grade. To meet your CBD needs, we have developed a full spectrum Cannabidiol derived from organic hemp extract and mixed with our organically certified hemp seed oil.

Laboratory Testing  


Product NameCBD oil 10%
Allergen informationVegan & gluten free
IngredientsFull spectrum hemp extract, hemp seed oil
Strength1000mg CBD



Have you researched CBD’s effects and decided on making it a regular part of your routine? In such case, we suggest using Dr. Hemp’s CBD 10% oil, which also includes additional cannabinoids. Allow yourself to reap the rewards of the synergistic benefits of hemp extracts.

What exactly is CBD essence?

Hemp has a wide variety of chemicals, some of which are fascinating and beneficial, such as cannabidiol (CBD). These aren’t the only extracts that help the body, however. Terpenes, found in hemp, are what give other plants their pleasant aromas when used in essential oils.

Medications from the Good Doctor Me often include cannabinoids extracted from hemp. The so-called entourage effect may be accomplished with the help of this method. This process includes combining two or more cannabinoids to maximize their individual effects.

CBD oil from Dr. Hemp Me has 10% cannabidiol, but what else is in it?

The ingredients in the formula are:

  • One thousand milligrams of cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Natural hemp oil which is used as a carrier and contains other organic cannabinoids

Our oils don’t have anything else added that might compromise the quality of the final product, as you can see.

We utilize only organic ingredients that have been processed without the use of any synthetic chemicals. Our oils are refined, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less high-quality. Dr. Hemp Me’s remedies are easily recognizable by their bold flavor and color.

When Should You Use 10% CBD Oil?

The 10% CBD oil is a great starting point for anybody curious in cannabis. The optimal concentration for achieving the intended effects while avoiding excess is found in this product.

After our 5% cannabidiol oil, the next tier up is 1000mg of the purest CBD oil we provide. If you find that 5 percent CBD isn’t enough, you may switch to a stronger oil at 10 percent.

Cannabidiol oil with a 10% concentration: how to use it?

Dr. Hemp’s 10% CBD oil Me is safe only for oral consumption and so cannot be used in devices like electronic cigarettes.

For the best experience of CBD’s calming and relieving effects throughout the day, it’s best to take your daily dosage first thing in the morning.

Simply add the desired amount of CBD oil to the dosing device, and then deliver. You should then hold the dispenser under your tongue and squeeze the liquid out. Give the active components a chance to soak in by waiting around 90 seconds. After this period, you may safely ingest the rest of the substance without worrying about negative reactions.

When using CBD or any other nutritional supplement, it’s important to be consistent. Doing it this manner will allow you to get the greatest outcomes possible.

Disclaimer: Due to legal restrictions, we are unable to provide you medical advise or guarantee that CBD will be particularly beneficial for your condition. Customers may seek our advice on the best product to purchase and be sent to our Trustpilot account to see testimonials from actual clients.



Cannabinoid rich extract and hemp seed oil

CBD 10% Dosage

The dosage for 10% CBD Oil is five drops each dose, per day. As each drop of this oil contains 5mg of CBD, this dosage will provide the consumer 25mg of CBD per day.

If you believe this is necessary, gradually increase until you reach the recommended dosage by 1 extra drop each week. CBD drops must be kept under the tongue for at least 90 seconds before to consumption.


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CBD: How to Use It?

When taking CBD, it is recommended to do it sublingually, or under the tongue. You'll feel the benefits of the CBD much more quickly and efficiently this manner. Always be sure you administer CBD oil at regular intervals.

Just how much CBD oil should I take?

CBD dosage has to be individualized. We advise starting with lower doses of CBD and working up to higher ones if you haven't tried it before. However, if you're familiar with cannabidiol's effects, you may choose for more potent forms. The standard dosage of CBD for an adult is 25mg. Still, you'll need to judge for yourself if this is an adequate amount.

Once I place my purchase, when can I expect to get it?

Shipping times typically range from one to three business days.

Dr. Hemp Me CBD oils: do they undergo third-party lab testing?

And of course. The cannabinoids, metals, and compounds utilized in our formulations are all thoroughly analyzed. We go to great efforts to guarantee that our formulations are entirely safe and tested so that they can serve as a benchmark for the industry.

Should a doctor be contacted before using CBD?

Talk to your doctor if you are on any kind of medicine. If you're uncertain about how CBD may affect your body, for instance, this is an option. The items sold by Dr. Hemp Me are dietary supplements and have not been evaluated by the FDA. Find out whether possessing CBD is against the law in your nation before you buy any. Read up on cannabinoids like CBD as well.

What methods of payment are accepted?

All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted here, including Visa and Mastercard. You can also pay using traditional bank transfer.


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