CBD Oil 5% – Full Spectrum, 500mg

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Is this the first step in your CBD journey? If so, I’d like to introduce you to Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD 5% oil, the ideal first product since it includes a negligible quantity of CBD, all of which is obtained via natural means.

As a result of the presence of other cannabinoids in our essence, the so-called entourage effect is feasible. To provide the prescribed amount of CBD rapidly, you may use oil.


  • 500 milligrams (mg) of CBD nutritional supplement.
  • Hemp oil’s true nature
  • Consisting only of all-natural elements
  • Flavor is mild, if present.

Laboratory Testing


Product NameCBD oil 5%
Allergen informationVegan & gluten free
IngredientsOrganic hemp extract, hemp seed oil.
Strength500mg CBD

Is this the first step in your CBD journey? Good news, then, if that’s the case! Dr. Hemp Me introduces his CBD oil, now with 5% more CBD!
In the event of disease, we ask that you see your regular physician since Dr. Hemp Me products are only considered dietary supplements.

The advantages of using 5% CBD

Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD is certified organic and of the finest quality. Our medicines also include other cannabinoid-class chemicals, allowing for the so-called “entourage effect.” The advantages of pure CBD in Dr. Hemp Me products may be experienced with either the strongest CBD paste or the 5% CBD oil.
Cannabinoids have a unique impact called the “entourage effect.” There is synergy between the various hemp extracts and terpenes, increasing the efficacy of each individually. This explains the widespread use of hemp-extract based medicines.
More than a hundred different chemical compounds are found in essences, including:



How can you get your hands on CBD and other cannabinoids?

The majority of the hemp we use comes from European countries like Poland. What’s more, everything we utilize is derived from organic sources and produced in a natural environment. In order to ensure the safety of our clients, we never use pesticides or any other chemicals that might potentially leach into our goods.
The supercritical carbon dioxide liquid extraction technique is used to get the cannabinoids. SUPERCRITICAL CO2 FLUID EXTRACTION is another term for this process (SCFE). There are various situations when it is effective. It’s the reason why our CBD oils are so potent.

We’ve got certification: 5% CBD oil

Safety and clear communication are two of our company’s top priorities. Therefore, we decided to become members of the European Industrial Hemp Association as well as the Cannabis Trades Association. Since their purchases have been verified by outside organizations, our clients have trust in us.
Eirlab, the industry standard for testing compounds derived from hemp, has approved the products we offer. With each fresh batch of materials comes the latest round of testing results.

How to Use 5% CBD Oil

Those that take CBD on a consistent basis get the greatest benefits. If you want to experience the beneficial benefits of CBD on your body all day long, it’s best to take your daily dosage first thing in the morning. Have you never tried CBD before? Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD oil with 5% is what you should try. The formula’s amount of CBD is just right for beginners since it eases them into the compound gradually.

Three to five drops twice day is what we suggest. Take them as consistently as you can remember to.
Under the tongue, using the dispenser’s pointed end. Once you’ve squeezed the preparation, wait 90 seconds for it to take effect. Any remaining oil may be safely ingested after this interval.


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Are there any restrictions on CBD use?

The sale of our products is not illegal within EU nations. However, please double-check this information before making a purchase.

How are your goods tested?

Each batch of our goods is subjected to rigorous testing at a third-party laboratory. You may discover further information on the sites of Dr. Hemp Me's other formulations.

Is it safe to use CBD in conjunction with other medications?

If you are already on medicine, you should discuss the usage of CBD with your primary care provider.

When to use CBD, and how much should be used.

CBD oil is convenient since it may be used whenever it is most convenient for you. To get the most out of it, however, you should take it first thing in the morning. Everyone responds differently to CBD, so if this is your first time using it, we suggest using our simple dose calculator to find the right amount for you.

What is the shelf life of the CBD oil after it has been opened?

After opening, the formula has a 6-month shelf life. Can CBD oil be used in electronic cigarettes? No, our oils are not made for use in electronic cigarettes since they were developed for oral use.

Do any other oils act as carriers in Dr. Hemp Me's CBD oils?

We do, in fact, utilize hemp oil.

Which countries are available for shipment if one orders something?

Only European Union member states may receive our shipments. What is the estimated time of delivery? As a general rule, shipping takes between three and five business days.

Tell me about the payment options for my purchase.

We welcome major credit cards including Visa and Mastercard. Also acceptable is payment by regular bank transfer.


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