CBG Oil 20%

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Here at Dr. Hemp ME, we provide the strongest CBG oil on the market, with a concentration of 20%.

Expect delivery in as little as one to three working days!

Our model is as follows:

  • Totally gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Strong

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Product NameCBG oil 20%
Allergen informationVegan & Gluten free
IngredientsOrganic hemp extract, hemp seed oil.
Strength2000mg CBG




Why consume CBG oil?

CBG 20% oil is useful in a wide variety of contexts. CBG is short for cannabigerol, which is the full name of the chemical. It’s a substance derived from hemp, and it does good things for people. It’s consumption can result in things like: Calming the nerves and appetite improvement.

For what reason should you get 20% CBG oil from Dr. Hemp Me?

It’s possible that repeated doses of CBG oil might be unpleasant for certain individuals. This is mostly because of the hemp plant’s very unique and robust flavor. If you’re determined to reap CBG’s health benefits without subjecting yourself to its off-putting flavor, we recommend going with the Dr.Hemp Me 20% strength CBG oil which is Dr. Hemp Me’s most sought-after product due to it’s potency.

20% CBG oil dosage: How much should I take?

There is a concentrated amount of CBG in Dr. Hemp Me’s oil, therefore the solution only has to be taken once day. Every drop of the 20% version has 10mg of CBG, while the daily minimum effective dosage is 25mg. As a consequence, you may get the desired effects by using only 3–4 drops of CBG per day.Dr. Hemp’s 20% CBG Oil  is a nutritional supplement, its effectiveness will vary from person to person. It is recommended that the dosage of CBG be increased gradually to prevent any unwanted side effects.

How is CBG used?

CBG is used by placing drops of the oil beneath the tongue much like CBD oil. We would recommend starting with just one drop. If you don’t feel any worse after a week, you may take another drop. To add another 3–4 drops, repeat the procedure. With this method, you can give your body the right amount of CBG it needs.

For maximum effectiveness, take your CBG oil first thing in the morning. Those who are particularly sensitive to the flavor of hemp can start their day by adding a few drops of hemp extract to their coffee or breakfast.

Steps for taking CBG:

  1. Put the right amount of the medication in the dispenser.
  2. Apply the CBG 20% oil from the dispenser by placing it under your tongue.
  3. Leave the oil at least 90 seconds under your tongue. This will enable the drug to enter the body correctly.

What components are included in CBG oil?

Dr. Hemp Me’s CBG and CBD oils are made with purely organic components. Human-specific formulations only comprise CBG and natural hemp oil, which serves as a carrier, such as for the very potent and effective CBG 20% oil. In contrast Fish oil, such as that from salmon, is often added to pet oils to enhance flavor and give extra nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids. This makes it simpler to feed your pet the oil.


Only a dietary supplement contains CBG. The medical implications of using comparable medicines are not something we can guarantee. The CBG we sell on our website isn’t used to treat or lessen illness symptoms. To prevent negative effects, talk to your doctor before using CBG at the same time as other drugs.


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How is CBG oil taken?

Drops of CBG oil may be taken internally. Put the recommended quantity of oil in the dispenser and put it under your tongue. Maintain this posture for 90 seconds to ensure maximum absorption of the CBG.

How is CBG oil dosed?

Various strengths of CBG oil are available for consumption. Because ours contains 20% CBG, a daily intake of only 3-4 drops will provide your body with the equivalent of 30-40mg. Take at least 25mg daily.

How does CBG oil function?

The human endocannabinoid system is engaged by CBG. The maintenance of internal equilibrium is the responsibility of this system. To stabilize unstable regions, it sends the correct signals to such regions. CBG has beneficial effects on the body because it binds to receptors in this system. It is possible to use this system without taking CBG, although doing so improves its performance.

When should CBG oil be used?

If you want to see effects with CBG oil, you should use it consistently for at least the first three weeks. Taking the supplement on a consistent basis will help you keep up an optimal level of supplementation in your system.

When will I get the package?

Orders typically arrive within one to three business days after placement.


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