CBG Oil 5%

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CBG extracted in its purest form, naturally from hemp. Starting now in conjunction with CBD!

  • Made in conjunction with CBD
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free

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Product NameCBG oil 5%
Allergen informationVegan & Gluten free
IngredientsOrganic hemp extract, hemp seed oil.
Strength500mg CBG

Dr. Hemp Me is proud to provide CBG 5% oil, a novel chemical derived from hemp. Here’s CBG in oil form, and it packs a serious punch!

What exactly is CBG?

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in hemp. It’s important to note that the endocannabinoid system is particularly sensitive to these chemicals. It controls bodily functions like:

  • Controls your appetite and metabolism,
  • Improves energy levels,
  • Improves immune system defense

Although CBD and CBG both come from hemp, CBG is found in considerably lesser quantities.

Why should you use Dr. Hemp Me’s CBG 5% oil?

Enjoy other plant chemicals, like hemp, CBG has a strong and unique flavor that some people may not like at first. Dr. Hemp Me has created a new formulation of CBG that is perfect for first-time users and those who want to be more precise with their dose.

Exactly how can you take advantage of CBG oil?

You may safely take Dr. Hemp Me’s CBG 5% oil once day. Eight drops are the maximum daily dosage. But keep in mind that you should work up to this state gradually.

Put it to the test for a week by starting with just one drop and seeing how your body reacts. If you don’t experience any negative effects after taking one drop, take two. There is no need to worry about taking the CBG supplement, but its effects should be tracked nevertheless.

You may combine CBD with our CBG oil. In this approach, you may maximize hemp’s benefits.

How should CBG oil be taken?

Utilizing the provided dispenser, CBG oil should be applied. Then, carefully insert the dispenser tip beneath the tongue after adding the proper quantity. Since CBG needs to be absorbed by the body, you should wait around 90 seconds after administration before putting it under your tongue.

You may then easily swallow the remaining oil after this point.

The best time to use CBG oil is in the morning. You may add the right amount of hemp to your coffee or morning meal if the flavor is too overpowering for you. However, you can be certain that this is the correct product to start with because of the low percentage of CBG in the Dr. Hemp Me recipe.

What ingredients are in CBG 5% oil?

Only natural hemp seed oil, which acts as a carrier for CBG, and 500 mg of CBG are included in the Dr. Hemp Me solution. We don’t add anything to our goods that might degrade their quality or lessen their impact on your body.


CBG is exclusively available as a dietary supplement. It cannot be said for certain that it will have any pharmacological effects. If you are already taking medicine, you should discuss the possibility of using CBG concurrently with your healthcare provider so that you may prevent any negative side effects. Please see your physician for any more information.


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What is CBG?

Hemp contains a number of chemical compounds, or cannabinoids, including CBG. It is a cousin of another famous molecule known as CBD, although fewer people are familiar with it. The use of CBG oil as a dietary supplement is effective. CBG is often combined with hemp oil, which serves as a carrier and is also included in the preparations.

How many drops of CBG to take?

Each drop of the 5% CBG solution contains the equivalent of 2.5 mg of CBG. If you take the suggested amount of 8 drops, then you will provide your body with a total of 20 milligrams of this chemical. In order to get the greatest possible outcomes, you will need to gradually raise the dosage.

How should CBG be used?

CBG is most effectively used when it is taken sublingually (under the tongue). After taking the product from the dispenser, you should wait around one minute and ten seconds for it to be absorbed into the body. When this period of time has passed, it may then be swallowed.

What is the most significant aspect that differentiates CBD from CBG?

Both CBG and CBD are derived from hemp, however they are two distinct chemicals. It is more challenging to get CBG since it is present in these plants less often than in others. Both CBG and CBD are available in their own distinct preparations; however, there are also products on the market that include both CBG and CBD in the appropriate ratios.

Does CBG have a flavor?

CBG has an unique aftertaste that is often described as earthy or vegetal, and it may take some getting accustomed to for some people. Because of the formulation's low concentration in CBG 5% oil, it has a flavor that is not as harsh, which makes its application more pleasurable.


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